Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chuckle Park {restaurant}

Location: 322, Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000
Cuisine: Spanish

*loud spanish music playing in the background*

As Jummy and I entered this dead-end alleyway located along Little Collins Street, the first thing I noticed were the jar lights hanging above us - so creative! During the day, the lack of a ceiling allows the natural sunlight in; whereas, the jar lights are turned on during the dark night!

You order your food from the mini caravan at the back
I have in fact strolled past this tucked away gem by the name "CHUCKLE PARK" during the night before. Despite it being chilly at night time, as we are currently in the middle of Winter! :O I remember seeing a crowd of people inside, drinking, eating and chatting away. The heaters located in every corner of the bar and cafe, along with everybody's body warmth must have been enough to keep everyone warm ;)

Chuckle Park's Menu
After ordering our meal from the mini caravan, we were given a table number on... a ROCK! with a cute and dopey-looking smiley face on it too. Made me smile when I received the rock, so I decided to take a photo of it (below!) along with this funky-looking plant... I'm still uncertain what type of plant it is.

The food arrived not long after we ordered (there weren't a lot of people in the restaurant at the time we went) which was good as we were feeling quite starved by then (well, I was anyway!) Jummy ordered the Pulled Pork Roll while I decided to give the Vegetable Spanish Frittata a try. Now we were introduced to this restaurant by my friend who spoke great things about the Pulled Pork Roll, showing me photos of a bun stuffed with a mighty generous amount of pulled pork, cabbage, fennel, cheese and walnuts. So when Jummy's bun arrived looking quite lacking of stuffings, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed as I was expecting a much larger portion.

Nonetheless, the meal was quite satisfying -- and I do recommend the Pulled Pork Roll if you ever decide to visit Chuckle Park. It was yummy and a must have on the menu. I don't really recommend the Vegetable Spanish Frittata though. It was honestly nothing special for $9.50, but I did like the eggplant relish sider that came with the frittata :)

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Visited on 04/07/2013, Thursday

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